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Our Facebook Advertising Services

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Facebook Ads Management

Because Facebook is a social media platform where the users spend time to relax, we make sure that we convey our client's advertising message to their audience without hampering their relax time.

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Increase Page Likes

Page likes is the indicator of how your business is being perceived by the target audience. By providing relevant and informative content, we help our clients gain the trust of their audience that is indicated in an increase in the page likes.

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User Engagement

No business can succeed today if they don't make an effort to communicate and interact with their target audience. We facilitate this user engagement to ensure that the clients' target audience becomes loyal to their brand.

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Brand Awareness

Branding is the absolute need for every business today. In this cross-cutting competitive business environment, raising awareness around your brand can be difficult. At DigitalOye, our creativity will help you cross this hurdle.

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Increase Conversion Rates

The main aim of marketing on Facebook is to reach more customers and increase sales. With the option of creating highly targeted advertisements, you can increase your conversion rates manifold.

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Monitor & Analysis

While Facebook provides many ways in which a business can advertise, we make sure to keep a regular check on which strategy is working and which strategy do we need to eliminate to yield the best outcomes for our clients.

Why You Need Facebook Ads?

Your Customers Spend Maximum Time on Facebook

Let’s start with the fact. According to the survey almost 80% of internet users use Facebook. Over 65 years of age 65% of adults use Facebook now. It has billions of users, and most visit its Facebook page several times a day.

Facebook Ads are Fast

Facebook advertising is fast. It leads directly to results. You can reach thousands of people today. So if you are searching for a quick way to generate traffic and conversions, advertising on Facebook is the best solution.

Facebook Ads Increases Brand Awareness

In case of brand awareness that is successfully increased by the Facebook ads. People will be able to know what you are offering as well as what are the products overall that you are brand offers.

Facebook ads Reduce Costs per Acquisition

If you can make Facebook ads work for your business, your acquisition costs are likely to drop. Because Facebook ads are so cheap, you can get rid of some of the other expensive advertising campaigns you invest in.

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How your brand benefits from Facebook Ads

Our Facebook Marketing Process

We work with the goals of increasing awareness, audience engagement and maintaining your business’s reputation through our Facebook management services.

How do our facebook ads agency work?

Advertisement Planning

In this stage, we learn about the nature of your business. To decide advertising goals, we take inputs from your end to synchronize your aspirations and our strategy. The next step is to dissect the strategy of your competitors and chart-out a plan to dominate them.

Competitor Analysis

Once we decide the goal of your ads, it is time to sneak into the competitor’s strategy. This step aims to demystify the tactics of your competitors and use the same for your advantage.

Advertisement Development

Before actually developing the deliverables for the ad we inspect the reason for the unsuccessful previous ad campaign (if any). Our creative writers and graphic designers develop imagery, caption and headline considering the objective of the campaign.

Advertisement Monitoring

Continuous monitoring is an essential part of Facebook AdWords. As a business owner of a facebook advertising agency in India, you surely do not have time to monitor your ads that is why we assign a dedicated account manager to monitor the trends of your campaign.

Advertisement Optimization

Once the ad is made live our dedicated account manager keeps tracking the trend of the campaign and makes necessary changes if needed. Our goal is to enhance the end-result of the campaign with the maximum possible ROI through the right facebook advertising company in India.

Advertisement Reporting

We believe in transparency that is why we send you detailed reports after the end of each campaign. This report highlights your total spending and the return on invested capital. You can also share your inputs to make this campaign more effective.

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